3D Printer Modifications and Enhancements

November 2015

In March of 2015, I built my first 3D printer, a Prusa i3 variant from Folger Technologies. This was certainly a budget kit, but I've made several modifications that has turned the printer into a well performing tool. This page will be updated with all the modifications I've made to the printer over the course of my ownership.

  • Custom X carriage with belt tensioner and (now obsolete) Z endstop adjustment
  • Custom CAD'ed bowden extruders using mk8 extruder gears with compression fitting taps on the inlets and outlets.
  • Fixed bed with better linear bearing mounts instead of the horrible zip tie solution.
  • Custom designed mechanical detaching Z probe utilizing a Cherry MX black keyswitch. (see video)
  • Integrated OrangePi PC running Ubuntu 14.04 with OctoPrint host software.
  • Replaced standard PSU with a modified HP DPS-800GB server PSU. Higher power output, plus a 5v rail for powering the OrangePi
  • Printer enclosure made from two IKEA LACK tables, an acrylic door and foam walls.

You can find the my cloned repository of the Marlin firmware I am using over on my Github. 

Update December 2016: I pre-ordered the Panucatt Re-ARM board for this printer. This is a neat control board that is code compatible with the excellent Smoothieboard. With much more computing power, flash and RAM, the Smoothieware has some great advantages, especially when compared to Marlin, which runs on an ATMega board. When that comes in, I'll have a guide of how to convert to Smoothieware.